2015 – What a year!!!!!

2015 – What a year!!!!!

As 2016 is just around the corner, we would like to let all of our customers know of all the changes in our business in 2015 to improve your experience of working with us.

We had a brand new website created that is wildly different to pretty much any other letting site you will encounter.  With https://estateapps.co.uk/ of London we created a site with a video landing page to make it memorable, the site was optimised across all devices, we built in enhanced property images, landlord log in facility etc.

We launched a cloud based maintenance system called Fixflo.  It is a repair reporting system in over 40 languages for managing repair requests and can be accessed at https://rocketthomerentals.com/tenants/request-repair.  

We added The Rockett mini to the business which you may have seen racing around town from appointment to appointment.

We had a dedicated leased line installed which means our internet access and support is at the highest level possible, this in turn means no downtime and rapid speeds for dealing with enquiries.

In turn this gave us the confidence to cloud our part of our business.  We can now access our desktop at any time and on any device, which means we can deal with any out of hours queries and messages.

We have now incorporated Docusign into our business.  This is an electronic signature solution for all of our contracts, no more, scanning, faxing etc.  Contracts can be completed in no time at all with just a few clicks now.  This in turn speeds up the turnaround time for tenanting properties.

We have taken on a new apprentice this year, Bronwyn Sherratt who is doing a sterling job and will be a great asset for the future in Rockett Home Rentals.

We have expanded our Rightmove advertising package considerably and now have the biggest letting advertising presence on Rightmove for the area.  This included a local homepage, mobile homepage, lettings agent microsite, optimiser package, premium listings and featured property showcase.

It’s hard to believe we’ve achieved this in just one year and it’s set us up for a great 2016.

At this rate, by the end of 2016 we’ll be doing viewings on hoverboards…