3 Rock-Solid Reasons To Go Local With Your Letting Agent

3 Rock-Solid Reasons To Go Local With Your Letting Agent

Managing a property is no easy feat and with so many things to consider, from maintenance and marketing right through to an endless string of stringent property legislation, if you’re a landlord looking to take on such a demanding task, you should read this before making your final decision.

Not only does a good letting agent help you source the best possible tenants for your property and ensure you enjoy the best rental yield from your investment, but they will also take care of inventories, maintenance, contracts, check-ins, checkouts, viewings, the growing list of buy-to-let legalities and much more on your behalf.

Moreover, going local with your letting agent could prove even more beneficial as a budding landlord - and here we’re going to explore the reasons why.


When it comes to any form of professional relationship, trust and transparency is everything.

By choosing the services of a trusted local letting agent, not only do you have the peace of mind of knowing where the business is based, but you will also be able to rest safe in the knowledge that their staff and facilities aren't outsourced to faceless third-party operators in lands far, far away.

Not only does this serve you, the landlord, in an everyday practical sense, but this personal level of local service is also likely to attract high-quality tenants to the business, meaning that you’re more likely to have respectful, reliable people living in your property.


Following on from our previous point, having a more personal relationship with a professional letting agent in your locale will make it far easier to ask questions and resolve any issues should they occur.

There are over 160 pieces of legislation to consider when letting a home and a reputable letting agent will account for each and every one of them. Moreover, when it comes to maintenance issues, legal disputes or any other form of problem to solve, your local letting agent will protect you and your interests. And of course, being able to meet up and discuss these matters with ease is even better, rather than relying on sluggish email chains or call centres in other countries.

Local Knowledge

Without a doubt, one of the biggest perks of going local with your letting agent is that they will have an unrivalled knowledge of the local area. In addition to knowing the locale inside out, a top local letting agent will also be passionate about the area, helping out their community whenever they can. While getting involved in the local community isn’t essential to the dynamics of successfully letting a home, it really is a plus as it demonstrates commitment, trust, compassion, loyalty and value - all of the key ingredients of a successful business relationship.

By having a niche knowledge of the local area, a top letting agent will also be able to offer invaluable buy-to-let investment tips, have connections with other trustworthy local businesses and be on-hand to answer any questions about the local area in detail. Oh, and they won’t get lost when going to viewings!

At Rockett Home Rentals, we tick all the boxes and more and if you’re an existing landlord or someone looking to dip their toes into the exciting world of buy-to-let in the North Staffordshire or South Cheshire area, we’d love to hear from you.

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