Find out what's in Store with Chaffinch Student

Find out what's in Store with Chaffinch Student

At Rockett Home Rentals we are always eager to work with local businesses and Chaffinch Student is a perfect example of an independent business run by an incredible entrepreneur.

Lettings and Student Storage are two industries which work really well together as a lot of students rent properties for less than 12 months and if they are international, do not necessarily have somewhere to store their items.

Here is a bit more information about Chaffinch Student and what they offer:

Smart storage with Chaffinch Student

It’s the annual dilemma of every student when it comes towards the end of the academic year. What should you do with your belongings whilst you go home for the summer?

Now, we all know that taking everything home with you by plane, train or car isn’t very realistic. Chaffinch Student helps solve the problem with great value cost effective student storage.  It even includes free collection, delivery and insurance!

We know how much you all love shopping, and have probably spent a lot of money on new stuff this year, so make sure you use a company you trust to look after your things.

Once you’ve decided your plan, the next (and even bigger challenge) is how to pack. We’ve teamed up with Chaffinch Student to give you the top 3 tips in how to pack your boxes to help keep your stuff safe.

1. Use good quality boxes.

It goes without saying that better boxes provide more protection, especially for your fragile items. Don’t pack items that may be at risk of breaking in plastic bags, laundry bags or bin bags.

2. Be the person with a plan…

Plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time to pack. Don’t wait until the night before you have to leave for the summer and throw everything into a laundry bag. If you have particularly fragile items like computers, decorations, pictures or kitchen equipment, Chaffinch Student can provide extra packing supplies like tape and bubble wrap.

3. Distribute the weight!

We know it’s tempting to put all your books in one box. But it isn’t a good idea. The massive weight in one box, and lots of space in the others increases the risk of breakages. Spread heavy items like books and paper over your boxes so you can still lift them up!

Why not visit to find out more about their storage offers from just £95?

For Rockett Home Rentals' tenants we’ve also got a special £15 discount when you book online. Just enter the code “STUDENT15” at the checkout when you book your student storage online.

If you're a Keele student needing storage over the summer, visit the website today.