It's Competition Time!

It's Competition Time!

Since Mamady Sidibe’s retirement, his career has taken a slightly different path and now he and his wife Bineta run Melice Patisserie in the intu Potteries shopping centre.

The cakes are wonderful, the staff are friendly and occasionally you will get the chance to meet the owners as they often pop in for a visit.

Rockett Home Rentals is always eager to work alongside and support other independent businesses in the local area and as the UEFA Euro 2016 competition starts on 10th June, we decided running a competition would be a great way to promote the company and celebrate the championship.

Through Andy Wilkinson, we became aware of Melice Patisserie and thought it would be an ideal business to work with. Following on from a meeting in April this year, we discussed how we could run the competition, what the prize would be and how we could cross promote each other.

Find out more about the competition and get entering today!