Letting Agents try modelling

Letting Agents try modelling

As the publication date of the new Rockett Home Rentals website grows ever closer, the team temporarily swapped property management for a bit of modelling.

Rich Walker, a psychologist at Winston-Salem State University, studied 30,000 memories in over 500 diaries, with entries from 3 months to 4 years, concluding that people who try new things and take part in a variety of different activities often retain more positive emotions and minimize negative ones. This is good news for the team at Rockett Home Rentals, as we temporarily swapped property management for modelling.

As a personal company, Rockett Home Rentals believes strongly in the connection between us and you, our customers. The reworking of the website presented the perfect opportunity to showcase the personalities and to offer website browsers an insight into who will be working with and for them.

So on a sunny, but windy, day, arrangements were made for individual and group portraits to be taken and eventually flaunted on our new website. We got ready with the new company car, affectionately referred to as The Rockettmobile, to pose for the group portraits. The set for our shoot was one of our managed properties, a stylish 6 bedroom Neo Georgian executive home which presented a great backdrop to our shoots as well as being a great representation of the standard of property we can offer.

The first shoot was a group photo with the company car. With heights in the office ranging from 5”1 to 6”5, fitting everyone in the frame proved a slight challenge for our photographer. But with a bit of shuffling and crouching, we managed to fit the whole team in.

Once we had warmed up it was time for the individual portraits which on the website will be accompanied by an individual profile including details both professional and personal.

A new study suggests that first impressions are so powerful that, often, they are more important than facts. If this is the case we hope that our portraits will show you just how friendly, approachable and driven we are. That being said, now we’ve got these snaps, we think we’ll leave the modelling to the professionals and stick to doing what we do best.