Win £200 this Summer!

Win £200 this Summer!

Refer a landlord to Rockett Home Rentals and win £200 to spend on yourself this summer*.  We know that all landlords deserve service like ours so if you know a landlord or portfolio holder, refer them to us and you’ll win £200*.

If a friend, family member, neighbour, or even your current landlord would like to work with the best letting agent in the area, get in contact today.

Simply gain permission from the landlord to pass on their contact details, and then send their name, phone number and email address to

Do you want to know the best bit? There is no limit to the number of people you can refer; it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

*Terms and conditions apply

Terms & Conditions

  • The referred landlord must let their property through Rockett Home Rentals. No let means no referral fee.
  • The landlord themselves will not receive payment.
  • The scheme only applies to new landlords introduced to us after 1st June 2016 and must not already be known to Rockett Home Rentals. A referred landlord who has previously let through Rockett Home Rentals would not entitle someone to the referral fee.
  • Rockett Home Rentals reserves the right to refuse a landlord's property based on market value and location in comparison to the portfolio of properties they have.
  • The referral fee applies to each landlord and not each property we let. For example, if a referred landlord lets 3 properties through Rockett Home Rentals, the individual who referred them would only receive one amount of £200.
  • If a landlord is referred to us by multiple people, the first person to refer them will receive the referral fee when their property is let.
  • The offer will be honoured when the tenancy has begun.
  • The referral reward will only be paid if the new landlord does not breach their contract.
  • Rockett Home Rentals reserves the right to withdraw or change the reward without prior notice.
  • A reward cannot be paid to an individual referring themselves.