Not only do we boast the best property management service in Stoke on Trent, but we will also provide you with the best rent as well as top quality tenants for your Stoke on Trent property.

Being a knowledgeable independent with stacks of local wisdom, we know a thing or two about Stoke on Trent.

Stoke on Trent and its surrounding areas are accessible to Manchester, Nottingham, and Birmingham - three of the UK’s most bustling cities.

Also, it’s possible to reach London in under three hours by car and an hour and 25 minutes by Virgin train.

Let’s look at it’s proximity in miles…

Manchester: 44.6 miles

Nottingham: 52.6 miles

Birmingham: 44.5 miles

London: 166.7 miles

Not too shabby. What’s more, Stoke on Trent is a stone’s throw from the rolling Staffordshire Moorlands, the dramatic Peak District and rural Cheshire.

For employment opportunities, weekend entertainment, cultural attractions and the perfect balance of town and countryside, this place is unbeatable. Which means there are plenty of quality tenants looking for a quality home.

Since 2014, house prices in Stoke on Trent have increased by around 14% and with brand new infrastructure-based, educational and cultural developments happening all the time, profits will only continue to rise. In fact, Stoke on Trent is currently the UK’s number one buy-to-let hotspot.

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