If the property you move into is managed by us please read this section so you know what to do in any situation.

Maintenance Issues

Rockett Home Rentals uses a fantastic 24 hour, online maintenance reporting system to log any maintenance issues.

Watch the following video to find out how Fixflo works:

Click here to report a maintenance issue at your property.

We will then instruct one of our contractors to head out to your property; they can either enter with keys from our office or meet you there.

Property visits

We carry out property visits up to twice a year to take a look at the condition of the property and any recent maintenance works which have taken place. It also provides a great opportunity to ask about your plans in the property with regards to your tenancy. Property visits are arranged directly with the tenant at a convenient time for you; please note, however, we are only able to visit properties between 9.30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Tenancy Renewals

If your tenancy is coming to an end you can either go onto a rolling contract or request to renew your contract. Simply email our sales team and they will discuss this with your landlord.