Take a look at some of the fantastic things landlords, tenants and business associates have to say about working with Rockett Home Rentals.

  • KK Muneer -

    First time tenant using this agent - very professional indeed! After hearing all kinds of awful things about real estate agents (in general) from my friends, I was so skeptical - and boy was I pleasantly surprised! I must highlight that agent Catrina Fair really stood out for me - she was reachable, reliable, professional and very timely in answering all my many questions as a newbie tenant. Excellent customer service overall and I am so thankful that my experience has been so seamless and wonderful (phew!)!

  • Craig Williamson -

    Speaking as a tenant who has spent the last 8 years renting via various agents I found Rockett professional, thorough and helpful. The property is the nicest we have ever rented and it is clear they attract quality landlords. As a result the fees and deposit are on the higher end in the local area but personally it is worth it. Would be happy to use again.

  • Chris Daniel -

    I have read the ONE negative tenant Review and would concur, from a Tenants perspective, who doesn't Respect a landlords property - such tenants should NOT use this agency. Landlords, however - are HIGHLY Recommended to use Rockett Home Rentals, as I would if I had a property in that area. I WOULD most certainly be using Rockett Home Rentals, as a principled stance on Tenants who abuse rental property is what Landlords ( and Tenants should ) expect.

  • Carole Anne -

    I moved into my property within 1 week before Christmas, Ben facilitated everything smoothly and efficiently and made the moving process easy and stress free. All information was received promptly and the main document was online and really easy to complete. By far the best rental company I have used so far.